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We strive to provide a customized and result driven program to help each individual achieve their health + fitness goals. We approach this by analyzing each persons' fitness level, diet, health history, and lifestyle to create a successful plan.

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Private Training

     Private Training includes a customized plan tailored to your fitness level and goals. A trainer will be at your side in the gym and virtually. 

     In the beginning it is encouraged to start with this route to ensure posture, form, patterns, and mechanics are at their best state. This service also benefits those that have skeletal/muscular issues  and individuals recently discharged from therapy due to injury. 

Semi Private Training

     Semiprivate Training is similar to Private Training with the exception of sharing the facility and fitness professional with other members.

     This route still ensures you a customized training program. Clients involved in semiprivate still receive a workout that complements their individual plan. It is then executed with the supervision of a trainer to ensure motivation, form, and completion. 

Yoga (coming soon)

   You can anticipate weekly yoga classes coming soon! Adding this type of exercise compliments your training by increasing range of motion, balance, and muscular recovery.

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I have worked with many trainers over the years and was initially skeptical prior to working with Dominic. From our first time reviewing our goals and plans I know Dominic was different. After our first workout session I knew I was going to have a good outcome and establish good working out habits for the future. It evolved into more than tht and he cared about many aspects of getting fit which included eating as well. He would constantly check on me after our workouts to make sure I was sticking to the plan. Dominic is dedicated to his clients. I highly recommend him.

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29058 Campbell RD. Madison Heights, MI 
1469 N. Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills, MI

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